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JAMES HEELEY Coccobello (Decants)
JAMES HEELEY Coccobello (Decants)


JAMES HEELEY Coccobello (Decants)

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Coccobello is an outdoor, tropical beach fragrance that combines green palm leaves, coconut and sea salt. Into the dry down, the green notes start to fade, and the coconut and sea salt notes blend with creamy sandalwood for a salty and woody finish. Fresh and natural, the scent is perfect for warmer weather. Coccobello realistically captures the beach, and you can feel the sun on your skin, the hot sand burning your feet and hear the waves crashing.

Fragrance type: Eau de Parfum (for men & women)
Primary Accords Green, Salty, Coconut, Woody
Head Notes Palm leaf, Gardenia
Heart Notes Coconut, Sea salt, Vanilla
Base Notes Sandalwood, Cedar, Benzoin

James Heeley is an English designer fascinated by the world of scent. Every detail, from the creation of the scent to the recyclable packaging is designed “in house” under the guidance of James Heeley. Creating unique scents in accordance to the art of traditional French perfumery, Heeley is one of the few owner-founder and independent luxury perfume houses in Europe.   


Information for Customers: The decant of James Heeley Coccobello is a hand decanted fragrance from the original product of the licensed fragrance design house. This decant is not a licensed product of the fragrance design house. The customer will receive the original product hand decanted using medical-grade instrument into our brand new 8ml glass spray bottle so that the customer can enjoy James Heeley Coccobello from an affordable decant. The customer will not receive the original manufacturer's bottle or packaging but will receive our specially commissioned bottle professionally labelled with the product decanted. Scent Loft is not in any way or manner affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored or supported by any of the fragrance design houses whose products we decant.